Relation by the Coterie Magazine

 There is my clear memory which started the coterie magazine "Esoup(= Aesop)" with a high school literature part friend at the most sensitive time of boyhood. In spite of having been the coterie magazine which is the grade to which hair grew in collection of works, it sent to the "Bungakukai(Literary World)" the most prominent publishing company, Bungeishunju, Ltd. issue of those days with Shinji Komada's coterie magazine criticism column. This of the relation by the coterie magazine was the beginning in fearful free from a thing .

 "Snow" the work which received the news of a prizewinning novel and subscribed from the former friend of "Esoup(=Aesop)" of going to Kyoto University. The member of the selection committee at that time is Mr. Ito Hitoshi (1905-1969) and Mr. Hiroshi Noma (1915-1991).
 Ito Hitoshi as Poetry, Novelist the side of writing activities, such as criticism activities, the Japan PEN Club vice president, a writers' association director, member of the Japan Academy of Art Important posts, such as a professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology, were suited.
 On the other hand, although Hiroshi Noma concentrates on Marxism during enrollment in university and serves in a war after the Kyoto University Department-of-French-Literature graduation, he is arrested as a political offender and leads a prison life. It is the writer who announced the work which employed experience at that time efficiently, and pierced through the posture of anti-power to his last years.

 At the time of first winning a contest of the Kyoto University newspaper office, I resolved to publish the coterie magazine "Signs" with some friends in the Niigata University Faculty Engineering in Showa 37(1962). After corporate employment 2 year ,"Burial" was announced to the coterie magazine "The Roof" of Matsumoto Nagano Prefecture. Finally the relation of the novel by the coterie magazine was unrelated after that in this till corporate retirement age, followed the technical development field and went.

 Bunch of the creation note, manuscripts and letter which the Tanaka Touki wrote the thing in the worn-out carton box found unexpectedly, and were collected in the deceased mother storage-space-above-a-close cupboard, or an old newspaper and this coterie magazine "Signs" and "The Roof" -- the magazine and books of donation were mixed from several volumes and other acquaintances .But the coterie magazine "Esoup(=Aesop)" of first publication in its high school days was not found though it was regrettable.

 The winning work article "Snow" of the Kyoto University newspaper office was reproduced by the dormitory magazine of the Niigata University faculty engineering.

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 It was discontinued by No. 2 with the magazine of the coterie magazine "Signs" alumni/ae association system of the Niigata University era. 

a Coterie magazine "The Roof" No13 . of Matsumoto (1967)
●Now, it is known to No. 76 with the   coterie magazine of the senior rank in the published Shinshu (superintendence : Fujioka kaizou) literature association.
●The illustration cut which Yayoi Kusama of an international advance guard painter's who grew up in Matsumoto.drew on the obscurity time has appeared.