Hachirou birth 100-year commemoration event plan
              It was good news at the Hachirou fan, the theater fan, and the Kitakami fan.
  1. Musical "The Boy Currently Scolded" The Tokyo public performance finished.
Place: Shinjuku theater Sunmaul 4/2(Wed.)〜4 / 6(Sun).

  [Comment which looked at the public performance] 
 The musical also was the end of the performance in "It having been found in small autumn" and commencement of a performance with the poetry of the "Song of an apple", "The bell of Nagasaki", "Dear KAKUREMBO", "Song of fascinated woman", "Delightful Girl's Festival", and "Shrike on dead tree". The monologue which should also be called imaged scenery which the face without make-up of Hachirou and each player tell rather than anything struck an audience's breast . Transparent "Annie Laurie" of especially the role of Hull of a climax was very attractive..Although a small mother's poetry which should also be called feelings which love the mother of a Hachirou is sadly full of a feeling of lyricism and it is the child's heart itself ... extraordinary the selfishness of actual action and full of inconsistencys -- to the reader of "Blood", this inconsistency can understand the whole circle. It was the thought which was made to realize the depth of the poetry of "having found it in small autumn" of the last and looked at Kota Okabe's (a script and production) skill. It is because my wife and I wiped both of tears , without being also careless enough to stand a seat for a while although the light of the end of the performance was lighted, and it was immersed in it at the reverberation. Still, although outside rained cold , its heart got warm, and it arrived at the return trip in the thought filled with the world of Hachirou by the long time. From what, it is the Shiro Sato superintendent of a commemoration hall for the first time in seven years. And it is because Madam and the family were also started at the hall at the eye.
Kitakami public performance Civic hall in 5/19(Mon.)〜5/23(Fri.) northing public performance

  2. The limitation in a year is an exhibition start
              (Iwate Every Day Magazine Heisei 15.4.4th edition contents reproduction)
                                   specially in the commemoration hall of Kitakami-shi.
        Hachirou collection pictures, Manuscript in one's own hand The letter imagined in a broad friend,
        Work of a pupil's Kazuo Kikuta Relation Letter of Yasunari Kawabata of friendship etc.
            The treasuring article of the special exhibition no one but non-opened to the public is seen till now.       
                             A special exhibition is to H15.12.19. It is closed on Monday every week.

 The whole life work of a poet HACHIROU is called 3〜4000, and is going across a folk song, the popular song, the war song, the children's song, the lyricism song, etc. variably. That's right which lived for 37 years here until it moved to Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku-cho near the University of Tokyo hospital by second son Shiro birth in Showa 12(1937) and passed away at the age of 70 in Showa 48(1973). "It was found in small autumn" (composer : Nakada Yoshinao) caught people's heart widely. which the tree of HAZE of the yard dyed red (upper right photo.), and compsed the lyricism of autumn

 Although both Shiro's (why half nummber name of Hachirou ?)and Madam was the relations of us which danced, not almost our friends knew the history until it was found in the strange thing before its home town Kitakami relocation of Madam. It is a pet name about Madam since the CHAUCHAU dog was put on the car. Allowed to call it "CHAUCHAU" even now Although I interfered with a series of photographs to Yayoi-cho several times in Heisei 7(1995), they are the things at the time of the year November visit. Incidentally, the first superintendent of the Yayoi-cho time is the Madam, Fusae, of Hachirou's wife, and the 2nd generation superintendent after the Kitakami exhibition Tenchouchi park relocation is Shiro.

 January,Heisei15(2003),There was an exchange of a telephone with "CHAUCHAU" ignited by the New Year's card which obtained under our mourning in not knowing, and it was idle talk without altruism in the beginning. It was entreated for the upper photograph when the important negative which photoed the tree of HAZE as an article left by the departed with precious a certain day and Hachirou edge did not return lent to a certain place. Even so, photography -- admiring with what remembered the whereabouts of this photograph well, it searched hurriedly and sent to his having forgotten Photographer who looked at the tree of this HAZE and grew up from when small. It is said that Mr. Shiro Sato rebroils with a negative.

The inside of
old SATOHACHIROU               commemoration hall

Tree of HAZE Sunset Color
on "which was found in small autumn"

It is transplanted to leaf present
Bunkyo-ku Rekikawa park.

With Mr. Shiro Sato superintendent's Madam
(pet name :Mrs.CHAUCHAU)

At the old SATOHACHIROU commemoration hall of Yayoi,
(large-sized panel central Hachirou, Kazuo Kikuta is reflected)

“Tree of Haze
     by the Hachirou House